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The iNDr system has been developed by Kobelco and is a revolutionary system to reduce noise and dust

iNDr system - The innovation for short-radius excavators

The concept: KOBELCO has developed the revolutionary integrated Noise and Dust Reduction Cooling System, with the engine compartment placed inside a single duct that connects the air intake to the exhaust outlet.

Reduces Noise: The intake and exhaust are offset, with the holes and joints in the sections corresponding to the duct wall completely covered to reduce noise at the intake and exhaust apertures. This design, plus the generous use of insulation-material inside the duct, minimizes engine noise. That's why the short radius excavators from KOBELCO are the only ones word wide reaching ultra low noise levels of only 93 dB(A) outside and 65 db(A) within the cabin.

Reduces Dust: The high-performance iNDr filter removes dust from intake air, ensuring a quieter, cleaner engine and keeping the cooling unit free of clogging so that no regular cleaning is necessary.

Video about the functionality of the iNDr system