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The new Generation -10 from Kobelco. Via SCR System and exhaust gas after-treatment system latest emission regulations are met.

Minimizing exhaust emissions to meet latest exhaust regulations

Hino engines are well known for their fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability. Kobelco has tuned these power plants especially for construction machinery. The pressure within the common rail fuel injection system, the VG turbo, and the exhaust gas after-treatment system reduce the exhaust of soot while the large-capacity EGR cooler sharply reduces the formation of NOx gases.

SCR system with DEF/AdBlue

The engine exhaust system has an SCR system that converts NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water. Combining this with a post-exhaust gas treatment system that captures and disposes of soot, the SK210-10 has a much cleaner exhaust that meets Stage IV exhaust emission standards.

Due to the big 83 liter Adblue (urea) tank, the refueling intervals are kept long. Depending on the exhaust temperature and the job site the Kobelco uses about 3-4% urea of the fuel consumption quantity. So for example for the new SK210-10 (320 Liter fuel tank) - with a average fuel consumption of 10,5 Liter per hour - you only need to refuel AdBlue approximately every 180 hours of operation.

Striving for supreme fuel efficiency

When lowering the boom, this system uses the downward force generated by the boom’s weight to push fluid to the shovel arm. This greatly reduces the need to apply power from outside the system.

Hydraulic circuit reduces energy loss

We have made every effort to enhance fuel efficiency by minimizing hydraulic pressure resistance, improving the hydraulic line layout to control friction resistance loss and minimizing valve resistance.

3 operation modes

Fuel consumption is lower in ECO-mode/S-mode in comparison with the previous model (Generation 9). In H-Modus the power was increased slightly.

More information about the new Kobelco Generation -10 can be found in the Kobelco Concept Book, in the according product brochures and there is also a short image video available.