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Pressure booster system invented and patented by NPK

Activates automatically when jaw meets resistance

Patented NPK Power Booster - the competitive edge

The cylinders of all NPK shears, crusher, and pulverizers are designed to automatically activate the booster if the jaws meet resistance. Due to this patented booster the attachment is faster, needing only a relatively low amount of oil, and has a higher power than similar devices with normal or differential valve cylinders. Saying that normally a NPK tool is as strong as a larger size model of the competition - but with the great advantage of lower weight. With significantly shorter cycle times you can be more productive and save fuel. This makes NPK the best choice for tough applications in demolition or recycling.

And this is how the Power Booster System works

As soon as the arm of the crusher, pulverizer or the shear meets resistance speed is converted into more power. This is done by a pressure boosting system which is mounted on the cylinder. The gear ratio is approximately 1:3. That means for example, that about 260 bar working pressure of the excavator will be increased to about 800 bar. This effect can be heard at work through the NPK typical "clacking" of the booster (also see NPK job site videos).