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Kobelco - the hydraulic excavator specialist
Superior quality, low fuel consumption, high performance

Kobelco SK210-10

Kobelco SK55 SRX


Kobelco SK210 dismantling machine


The new Kobelco SK210-10 offers again extremely low fuel consumption and great performance. The SK210 is powered by a Hino engine (a affiliated company of Toyota). The engine exhaust system has an SCR system that converts NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water. Combined with a post-exhaust gas treatment system that captures and disposes soot, the SK210 meets EURO Stage IV and US Tier 4 final exhaust emission standards. The drawbar pulling force of the undercarriage with 229kn and the swing torque are the highest in its class. Thus, the SK210 is recommended for the most difficult missions. The spacious and comfortable cabin (with only 67 dB(A) inside) is mounted on silicone-filled cab mounts, which minimizes vibration sharply.

For more details please refer to the SK210-10 product brochure.


The Kobelco SK55 SRX is one of the latest developments. Like for the larger short-tail excavators also the proven iNDr dust and noise reduction system is applied. With 93 dB(A) outside 74 dB(A) inside the machine is the quietest on the market. Low fuel consumption (engine idling by pressing a button), strong drive motors (55kN drawbar pulling force), all hydraulic pipings, proportional hand control, a large spacious cabin, tail swing radius of only 1.17 m, max. digging depth of about 4.1 m are only some of the outstanding features.

For more details please refer to SK55 SRX product brochure




The Kobelco SK210D is a dedicated unit designed to safely and carefully separate a full automobile chassis into manageable parts prior to disposal, i.e. reclaim of key metal and recyclable products. However, the SK210D is not restricted to automotive reclamation. Agriculture, aviation, white goods and truck reclamation are just some of the areas where precise dismantling and component removal is required.

For more details please refer to the SK210 D product brochure

You can find more videos about Kobelco on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/kohlscheingmbh.