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High quality service by experienced staff.
We want to help you with technical problems.


As important as proper delivery of the excavator is the follow-up by our customer service. Only through quick and competent help the usability of your machinery and thus the competitiveness is guaranteed.

To ensure this, our technicians are in their transporters throughout Austria on the go. Ongoing training ensures for current and competent level of knowledge. The goal of all efforts is to minimize the downtime of your machine. Through the use of original spare parts the long-term value of your machine is guaranteed. Emphasis is placed on cost efficiency and service quality.

To help you calculate running costs, we are pleased to offer you for every excavator a service maintenance contract for a fixed price.

In our well equipped workshop in Vienna (near Auhof, A1 western highway) major repairs on your machinery are done by skilled personnel.

In case of technical problems or if you need maintanance or service just call us + 43 1 / 979 14 46 an.