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We save you fuel

l Not just a slogan but a cornerstone in the development

Lowest fuel consumption - this is KOBELCO

Low fuel consumption means lower costs. Kobelco succeeded to reduce fuel consumption by 20% compared to the previous series. So the longer you use the new Kobelco, the more it will save you.

How has Kobelco succeeded to build the most efficient hydraulic excavator?
Low fuel consumption has always been an obsession at Kobelco. To achieve this, the entire design of the engine up to the hydraulic components was carefully analysed and improved. And Kobelco succeeded in dramatically reducing fuel consumption without losing power. This was achieved by a redesign of the hydraulic lines in combination with a new controller (ITCS). The diameters of the lines were increased and cross-sections, valves and couplings down to the arm were optimized, so that there less friction resistance and heat generation occurs. Combined with new, highly-efficient hydraulic pumps, energy loss is reduced to a minimum.

The latest common rail engines require even less fuel by high-pressure injection. Apart from the two previous settings H-mode (Heavy) and S-mode (Standard) another mode was introduced. The new ECO mode for easy work leads to a further fuel savings.

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