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Information about the Company Kohlschein and Kobelco and NPK products.
Kobelco successful in the scrap business
Kobelco successful in the scrap business
Left to right: Florian Kugi (sales Kohlschein), Mrs. and Mr. Moser with dog, Stefan Jonke (executive director Kohlschein).

Besides the earthmoving business Kobelco excavators are also successful in other business lines. The company Moser Schrott now received the first new Kobelco SK350-9 LC. Since 1972 scrap, sheet metal, household scrap, cast iron, scrap carriers and heavy scrap is purchased, collected, sorted and delivered environmentally friendly by rail to industry for recycling. An excellent and at the same time challenging application area for the Kobelco SK350 LC equipped with a NPK M-38K multiprocessor.

Powered by a 201 kW 6,784 l Hino 6-cylinder engine, the SK350 LC-9 will prove sovereign in the future when sorting and processing metal. Kobelco has placed a high priority to low fuel consumption. Thus, the 36-ton machine on average operates with less than 20 liters per hour during earthmoving operations. For perfect use in the company of Karl Moser the SK350 LC comes with a wide LC undercarriage, short arm and front guard. In addition, a hydraulic quick coupler and a NPK Multi-demolition shear M-38K is mounted on the machine. Tailor-made for scrap recycling works, the 4-ton cutter scores with special arms with an integrated pressure booster system - the NPK booster, a unique feature designed by NPK. This booster system automatically activates whenever the jaws meet resistance. Compared to competitive processors without such a booster, the pressure intensifier system has a relatively low oilflow and produces faster cycle times and more crushing strength. The other functions of the excavator are not affected. The high maximum force of 5,900 kN makes it easy to cut strong steel girders.

"The main reasons for us to buy the SK350 LC-9 were personal contact and trust in Kohlschein and in Kobelco. The quality of the product, the durability and extremely low fuel consumption makes Kobelco the top product for us "says Karl Moser Jr., CEO of Karl Moser scrap metal recycling.

However, not only the excavator and the performance itself, but also the driver's cab is impressive. A reduction of vibrations up to 30% when driving and up to 50% when trenching was achieved thanks to a new vibration damping system. In addition a clear and comfortable cab keeps noise level below 65dB.

"The good business relationship with the company Moser already connects us for decades. It makes us very happy that there are still customers in today's fast paced world, which for so many years remain loyal to a product and Kohlschein, "said Stefan Jonke, Managing Director of Kohlschein GmbH.