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Information about the Company Kohlschein and Kobelco and NPK products.
The new Kobelco Generation -10
The new Kobelco Generation -10

Kobelco Generation 10: Power meets Efficiency

The combination of 80 years excavator manufacture allied to modern technology and customer feedback has led to Generation 10 SK260LC-10/SK260NLC-10 leading the way in class due to exceptional low emissions and reduced operational costs while delivering an increase in working performance.

In pursuit of fuel efficiency, the SK260LC-10/SK260NLC-10 again raises the standard with acclaimed technology-led development. Compared to previous Generation 9 equivalent model, S-mode (normal work) fuel consumption has decreased by 9%, while Eco-mode sees a 10% reduction – this represents exceptional fuel savings to the customer and this is further enhanced with a 5% productivity improvement in H-mode operation. One of the main contributors to improved fuel consumption is the implementation of a new Kobelco developed engine-cooling fan design that requires less operating energy to reduce engine workload.

SK260LC-10/SK260NLC-10 powered by Hino engines carry the very latest in ‘clean technology’ by incorporating DOC (Diesel Oxidisation Catalyst) and the combination of SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). Altogether these key systems reduce the amount of DEF/AdBlue fluid consumption used in the post-exhaust gas system, which also dramatically reduces the effects of particulate matter discharge and ensures Stage 4 emissions regulations are complied with. The reduction of harmful NOx by approximately 88% further enhances the environmental credentials of Kobelco machinery. For this reason, Generation 10 machines will feature a globe motif within its corporate decal/colour scheme to denote Global awareness.

Further features of the new Generation -10:

  • big Ad-Blue fuel tank with 83 liter capacity (for the SK210 this means one has to refuel Ad-Blue every 6th diesel fill-up or approximately every 200 operating hours).
  • All Kobelco excavators now in Heavy Duty (HD): modified foot boss, reinforced arm, arm with rock guard, reinforced link)
  • additional fuel filter (pre-fuel filter with water separator, main fuel filter, microfilter on the engine)
  • Hydraulic oil filter with clog detector
  • improved cabin (radio with USB and Blue-Tooth, super airtight cabin for less dust, improved airflow of heating and air-conditioning)

Stefan Jonke, CEO of Kohlschein Baumaschinenhandel GmbH: „The new Generation -10 of Kobelco is mainly based on the very successful and proven current excavator model -9. The further reduced fuel consumption will strengthen the image of Kobelco excavators as the most fuel efficient ones."

More information can be found in the SK210NLC-10 brochure (.pdf).