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Kobelco opening ceremony of European headquarters
Kobelco opening ceremony of European headquarters


Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. (KCME) confirms with the opening of its European headquarters in Almere / Netherlands its long-term commitment to Europe. Simultaneously with the opening ceremony the first dealer meeting for the new European partners took place.

The event underlined the excavator specialist’s continued focus on developing productive partners with selected dealers and emphasised the straightforward way in which they will work and communicate with each other.

A major element of the conference was unveiling the new European headquarters, which will provide a direct, efficient and responsive service for European customers, ensuring full aftersales support for the pioneering Japanese technology. This combined with the appointment of in-market business managers has helped the already fast, but controlled dealer network growth.

European dealers who meet the required quality standards have already been appointed in Germany, France, UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium and the Baltic states.

Kobelco Construction Machinery’s (KCM) commitment to Europe was further emphasised by the attendance of three key business leaders at the event: KCM President and CEO Mr Jun Fujioka, KCM Director and Executive Vice President Mr Yuzuru Ieki and KCM Director and Executive Officer Mr Takeshi Miki. They were supported by the European team who have vast combined experience with other leading manufacturers in the construction industry.

The Austrian dealer, Kohlschein Baumaschinenhandel GmbH was also present. According to Michael Jonke, CEO of Kohlschein: "We are obviously very pleased about the return of Kobelco to Europe. The response from our old Kobelco customers was overwhelming. Our entire team is thrilled to make a difference again with Kobelco in Austria. "